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We exist to help local groups of citizen organizations, churches, and businesses realize common dreams for a positive life together.

We envision people, places, the natural environment, and their social life together to be characterized as safe, healthy, joyous and meaningful.  It's a foretaste of the coming "attraction”.

ABOUT ImagineNW!

Imagine NW! is all about Personal & Community Transformation.


For this to happen, we believe the people themselves as residents of their communities have got to:


Dream   Believe   Act! 


People together who: 

  • Dream and come up with the vision for what can be

  • Believe as neighbors we can make things happen for the common good

  • Act! so that Dreaming and Believing are done out-loud


We know that when given the chance to look at the "Glass that is half FULL" and draw upon the good assets of their community, people will rally to their own cause.  They will join together, choose to work for and with their neighbors.  They will succeed in achieving common preferred futures.  


Central in all this is training communities to use the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model.  It's an inside-out thing.  ABCD is a grassroots process where people, their associations and local institutions discover and deploy their gifts, talents, experiences...assets...to realize their dreams.


Imagine NW! coaches, consults, supports, networks, trains, advocates, and prays for a growing array of Partnership groups.

Jeff Littlejohn